Dungeons & Dragons Games For Teams

Collaborative, multiplayer, social experiences hosted by professional game masters. Bring your team together for an unforgettable virtual bonding experience. No prep necessary!

See what our players say about us

Loved the suspense and drama as we moved through the board. The level of detail made it very engaging and immersive.

Tamara D

The storytelling was top notch + helped advance the game. Also loved the fact that everyone participated and was pretty engaged throughout!


I loved it! Loved the creativity, the fun of working together, our DM was great, etc. etc. No joke tonight made my month. I've been dying to try playing forever.

Josh A

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What if we've never played before?

Our knowledgeable pro game masters are excellent teachers. Many of our team games have been with complete novices to the Dungeons & Dragons.

How long is a game?

Games run anywhere from 1 to 3 hours depending on adventure!

How many players can you accommodate?

The sky is the limit! No adventure is too small or too big for our team!

Do I need any special software?

The only software you will need to have installed is Zoom, everything else is web based.

What if I want to play with friends or family?

We offer games for individuals, friends and family on our consumer site: StartPlaying.Games